Daughter of the Sea
Struggling with a mental health crisis, one woman returns to the waters that raised her and finds healing in the ocean.
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2023/ 18 Min

For Jaeyoun Kim, the ocean is more than a connection to family; it’s a path to healing. Patagonia Films’ Daughter of the Sea follows Jaeyoun, who leaves her island home in South Korea to pursue a more traditional career path in Seoul. But as her mental health begins to unravel and depression sets in, she decides to join the haenyeo, Jeju Island’s famed “women of the sea.” For centuries, these free divers and fisherwomen—some in their 80s—have dived more than 30 feet to gather seafood for their families and villages. Following in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother, Jaeyoun learns what it means to become a haenyeo and why returning to the ocean ultimately saves her.

Content Warning
This film includes discussions of depression and suicide. While we have done our best to explore these topics conscientiously, remember that we are looking through the lens of a single person’s experience. Please take care of yourself as you watch and find support if you are struggling with these topics.

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