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Saving Martha

| Sean Doherty

King Island was recently revealed as the proposed location for an industrial salmon farm, more specifically the waters off Martha Lavinia Beach. 

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Stop oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight

| Tony Butt

If we all get together and stop Equinor drilling in the Great Australian Bight, everyone will benefit. Otherwise, a group of surfers might soon be standing on the cliff at Bell’s Beach, like I was 17 years ago, watching in horror as the first waves of crude oil start coming ashore. 

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Big Oil is not welcome in the Bight

| Patagonia

The Great Australian Bight has always been considered too wild and too deep to even consider drilling for oil out there...

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Bight Fight Goes Coast-To-Coast In Australia

| Sean Doherty

Swinging by the Byron Bay paddle-out early on Saturday morning, it was clear these things had gained a life of their own....Read More

The Fight For The Bight Goes To Norway

| Patagonia

In May this year, a delegation from the Great Australian Bight Alliance travelled to Norway to take the fight to Equinor's doorstep......Read More

South Fish

| Belinda Baggs

The local marine environment between Newcastle and Sydney is under attack from seismic testing for oil and gas exploration....Read More

Passing The Torch

| Ali Klinkenberg

“Normally I’m all for robbing banks,” jokes Wayne Lynch, surfing pioneer and genuine Australian cultural icon, “but I’m not sure that’s the right way to go abou...Read More

How We’re Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

| Patagonia

Ever since Patagonia had an office (and wasn’t just selling gear out of the back of Yvon’s car), we’ve devoted desk space, our free time and a percentage of our...Read More

The Climate Crisis Is a Human Issue

| Bill McKibben

Some of that injustice is racial and colonial: The iron law of climate change is, the less you did to cause it, the sooner you feel its effects. Some of that in...Read More

Are You Arrestable?

| Sarah Hartigan

Sometimes, when I can’t sleep, I go online and get lost in comment threads with angry words about inaction. I nod along with my eyes, and it makes me feel like ...Read More

Why They Strike

| Madalina Preda

“School won’t matter in the future if we’re too busy running from extreme weather events.”...Read More

Treeline: The Core

| Taro Tamai

Riding in Niseko, Hokkaido mostly means riding through trees. Most are heavily bent, hard birch deciduous trees, reaching their branches wide to their sides....Read More

Treeline: The Film

| Molly Baker

Trees are intertwined with human existence—through religion, in times of war, in standing for what we’ll fight to protect, with our hopes and wishes that we share. They stand implanted in our own hist...Read More

Treeline: Homegrown

| Leah Evans

You’d think I’d get tired of going to the same places, but by touring through the local treescapes, I’ve woken up to the dynamic details of the forest. The way the moss hangs or the light shimmers in ...Read More

Treeline: Trespassing

| Garrett Grove

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The stay home, take flight conundrum

| Alistair Klinkenberg

Is There Such a Thing as Conscious Travel?...Read More

Western Front: the battle for takayna

| Krissy Moehl

“Exploring varying landscapes generates an energy and connection…that provides the ‘why’ to life for me.” “…these unbalanced running steps through lumping button grass were pounding a connection with ...Read More

Ski tales from Kashmir

| Bill Barker

The storms came rolling through just when you wanted them… and they came in big! The snowfall events delivered awesome conditions in the trees while blanketing the massive alpine bowls with a few extr...Read More

Law of the land is the law of the people

| Belinda Baggs

"The law of the land is the law of the people. Our job is to respect and protect"...Read More

A line in the sand

| Sean Doherty

The surfers of Australia have stood up for the Great Australian Bight. ...Read More

Why this is the #ClimateElection

| The Australian Conservation Foundation

With one week till the federal election it’s exciting to see climate on the national agenda like never before. Across Australia, people are stepping up to show leaders they want courage and action on ...Read More

Stand for the Bight

| Patagonia

" Its a backwards move to start an oil field in a pristine marine environment." Heath Joske discusses the issues with drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight...Read More

History is in our hands

| Belinda Baggs

Belinda Baggs journeys to the frontlines lending a hand to Stop Adani....."The Carmichael mine site is 350km and a 4 hour drive away. We aimed to be there before the workers rise and get on their way....Read More

Restore Pedder

| Christine Milne

The threat to flood Pedder saw adventurers become activists and politically engaged citizens....Read More

Junk Paddle

| Beau Miles

‘Wood is everywhere mate, along train lines, on building site sites, under your neighbour’s house, and on every second nature strip in Australia during hard rubbish.’...Read More

The Slab Hunter: Ben Wilkinson Woodwork

| Malcolm Johnson

It didn’t take long for Ben Wilkinson to figure out that there was freedom to be had in working for himself—and that freedom was the first requirement if he wanted to go surfing whenever the waves got...Read More

Stop oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight

| Tony Butt

If we all get together and stop Equinor drilling in the Great Australian Bight, everyone will benefit. Otherwise, a group of surfers might soon be standing on the cliff at Bell’s Beach, like I was 17 ...Read More

A Blueprint for Cooling Earth

| Brad Wieners

When he was 22 and away at college, Charles Massy got a fateful shock: His father had suffered a severe heart attack, and while it wasn’t immediately fatal, it was clear his dad could no longer run th...Read More

Salty, Sunburnt and Surfed-Out: Belinda Baggs & Liz Clark

| Belinda Baggs

Belinda Baggs and Liz Clark were connected by a shared passion of the ocean and environmental activism. Both women have chased their desires of travel and surfing in different directions. Listen in as...Read More

Watch the World Demand Action for takayna

| Shannon Bourke

On 27 November 2018, this campaign reached a climax at a community rally on the lawns of Parliament House in Hobart. More than 500 Tasmanians turned out to demand action for  takayna. The rally was a...Read More

You Are What You Eat
Regenerative Agriculture: A Revolution Taking Seed

| Paul West

When we think of food we tend to focus on the impact that it has on us as consumers, but how often do you take the time to consider the impact on the ecologies of where that food was created? Feeding ...Read More

Conversations From The Clifftop: Wayne Lynch and Gerry Lopez

| Sean Doherty

But the wave was still the wave and Bali was still Bali and over a week of surfing and yoga the pair reconnected with the spirit of the place. On their final night on the island, these two surfing leg...Read More

Knowledge Dispels Fear

| Jye Parkinson

I haven’t been to New Zealand since I was five years old.  It was the first place I ever saw snow and rode the mountain....Read More

West of Pointerville

| Sean Doherty

While the rest of Australia is rallying to save the Great Barrier Reef, this coast – equally precious in its own wild way – is in just as much danger. There’s a distinct look to Rich’s work that’s har...Read More

A Strange Diversion - Remembering Teahupoo’s first surfer

| Lauren L. Hill

I’m bobbing in the middle of the great South Pacific Ocean, on the edge of a scrappy reef on the edge of the little island of Tahiti. We’ve arrived in Tahiti in the offseason to relish in uncrowded li...Read More

This is not a drill

| Jock Serong

Three horizontal bands across the southern half of the planet: desert, ocean and ice. What the hell does an oil company want with being out there, and why on earth would we let them?...Read More

Patagonia Vs Donald Trump

| Rosecrans Baldwin

We all knew the legendary outerwear company Patagonia lived and breathed the adventurous life. We knew they cared about the environment. But it wasn’t till Trump came along that we realised they were ...Read More

Tales from the Third Ledge

| Sean Doherty

Six years ago, when that famous wave broke on the Third Ledge at Cloudbreak – tearing down reef, tearing through time, majestically unridden, surfers scrambling for their lives – there was one questio...Read More

An excerpt from takayna: our people, our land, our history, our culture.

| Sharnie Read

So, I have been asked to write my story, my connection to country and my feelings regarding the country into which I was born, takayna. I’m not much of a writer. I tell stories in my own way and share...Read More

The Never Town Grassroots Tour

| Dave Rastovich

Good news can be hard to find. It shouldn’t be, but it is. Good people doing good work can also be hard to hear about. They are often too busy doing the work to be out beating their chests about it an...Read More

Big Oil is not welcome in the Bight

| Patagonia

The Great Australian Bight has always been considered too wild and too deep to even consider drilling for oil out there......Read More

The Way There: Why We Create and Seek Out Trails

| Meaghen Brown

It starts with the focal beam of a headlamp. Sunrise is more than an hour away and it’s pouring rain. Hands tucked into the sleeves of a jacket, and the pace already quick through the sharp Tasmanian ...Read More

Dispatches from the Edge of the World

| Meaghen Brown

The wind at the edge of the world comes in clean and cold. Without any significant landmass to temper its force, it rips across the 40th latitude and slams into the prefab houses that straddle the tin...Read More

The Reef Beneath

| Wayne Lynch

The Great Barrier Reef is around 2,500 miles long, the largest living thing on earth. I’ve sailed right past it before while sailing out into the Pacific, but I’ve never actually stopped there and spe...Read More

World Heritage Protection for the Tarkine

| Dr. Bob Brown

Nearly two centuries ago, Henry David Thoreau wrote that “In wildness is the preservation of the world.” I first went deep into the forests of northwestern Tasmania in 1973 in an unsuccessful search f...Read More

Looking Beneath The Surface

| Belinda Baggs

Listen along as Belinda Baggs, Kimi Werner and Wayne Lynch share a connected passion for the ocean and a desire to protect it....Read More

Australian High Court Upholds Peaceful Protest

| Dr Bob Brown

The High Court of Australia has drawn a line in the sand against laws which curb the right of the people to peaceful protest....Read More

The More Things Change

| Patagonia

We are all locals. And we live in a global world. We can no longer pass through or visit remote wild places and trust they will remain that way. Patagonia’s friends have always brought us news of plac...Read More

The Double Down

| Patagonia

The support of grassroots activism as a means of pushing policy makers and government to act has never been more important than today. Patagonia pledges 1% of sales annually to the preservation and r...Read More

A New Light

| Patagonia

In his years at Patagonia Rick has been responsible for several landmark initiatives, including the iconic “Don’t Buy This Jacket” campaign, which challenged the idea of rampant consumerism....Read More

Know Better, Do Better

| Dave Rastovich

For a long time now, there’s been too little transparency in the garment industry. When we buy clothing, we’re often oblivious to the reality of how it was made. ...Read More