Protect the ocean so it can protect us.
Our future is tied to the ocean.

Our future is tied to the ocean. Its shared seas connect us through food, culture and
 sport. Home to amazing, abundant life, the ocean is also a powerful climate solution. 
Yet less than 3 per cent of it is fully protected (at least on paper) from human-driven 
damage. We can do better than 3 per cent. Let’s put an end to pollution, overfishing,
 bottom trawling and open-net salmon farms, and establish marine protected areas that 
restore vitality to these ecosystems and ensure these waters can nourish us and future

Patagonia is committed to using all of our resources to save our home planet. Join us to
 protect our ocean.

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Support grassroots environmental groups and give to a cause that gives to everyone.
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We’re Taxing Ourselves

Patagonia’s self-imposed Earth tax, 1% for the Planet, provides support to
environmental nonprofits working to defend our air, land and water around the globe.

We’re Linking Sports with Activism

As Patagonia employees, our Global Sport Activists® are using their roles in the sport community to drive positive social and environmental change.

Are You a Grassroots Environmental Group?

We give grants to organisations that identify the root causes of environmental problems and approach issues with a commitment to long-term change. Learn about our application process and what type of support we offer our grantees.

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