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Salty, Sunburnt and Surfed-Out: Belinda Baggs + Liz Clark

Belinda Baggs

Many moons ago Belinda Baggs and Liz Clark were connected by a shared passion of the ocean and environmental activism.


Both women have chased their desires of travel and surfing in different directions: Belinda spent the past decade following the winds and swell across Australia’s Eastern and Southern coasts before settling into motherhood. Whilst Captain Liz journeyed across the seas of the Pacific aboard her sailboat Swell. Continuing a 12-year friendship, they caught up to share a week of surfing and wipe-outs. With a cup of tea in hand the two talk tales of pursuing their dreams, the complexities of life as a female surfer and trying to live with a smaller carbon footprint in today’s world.

Listen to the live recording of that conversation below




"The ocean is the one place that truly strips away all social hierarchy. Currents and swells do not recognise gender, religion, status or race- the sea is the ultimate equaliser. A place to be truly free, a place where you must learn to flow with natures energy." – Belinda Baggs, Patagonia Surf Ambassador 



“Micro-plastics were found on these remote beaches every time we ventured along the high tide line. This is just another reminder to not just pick up these marine debris, but also the need to reduce our own single use plastic footprint.” 


“The urgency to protect our planet and its life feels so real when thinking about the generations to come who will have to face the ugly implications of the messes we’ve made.” - Liz Clark, author of Swell: Sailing The Pacific In Search Of Surf And Self

"Watching a friend ignited by a ride is the best reminder why we need to follow our dreams… Sharing part of your time with close friends is meaningful and a way to evolve as a human.” – Belinda Baggs



 Read more from Liz Clark in her book Swell: A Sailing Surfer's Voyage of Awakening 

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