REFIBRA® lyocell

REFIBRA is made from wood pulp obtained from sustainably managed forests and recycled cotton scraps.


REFIBRA® lyocell (TENCEL™) fibers are the result of an innovation that combines wood and recycled cotton fibers. The wood pulp used in REFIBRA is a renewable raw material that comes from sustainably managed forests. The addition of recycled cotton scraps (left over from garment production) not only diverts materials from the waste stream but also reduces the wood pulp content. This method of sourcing lessens the ecological impact by using fewer virgin raw materials.

REFIBRA® lyocell is produced in the same closed-loop production process as TENCEL; more than 99% of the solvent used to process the wood and cotton scrap is recovered and reused. This process also recycles water used in the production of the fiber.

Where We Are

We are looking at incorporating more styles in our line that contain REFIBRA® fibers. Our lyocell fabrics are a result of our collaboration with Lenzing, a manufacturer based in Austria.

What's Next

Patagonia is always looking for more opportunities to source cellulosic fibers from waste streams, including textiles and agricultural waste.