Recycled Down

Our Recycled Down is diverted from the landfill, reducing waste and reintroducing used down into the insulation market.


The Recycled Down we use is a mix of either 600- or 700-fill-power goose and duck down that is reclaimed from cushions, bedding and other used items that can’t be resold—the stuff that adds to our growing landfills. By plucking down from the trash, we reduce waste and contribute to the down-recycling stream.

We’re making progress

In the Spring 2022 season, 10 of our styles are insulated with Recycled Down.

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31% The percentage of CO₂e emissions reduction we’ve achieved per kilogram of insulation by using Recycled Down compared to virgin duck down.

Where We Are

For our Spring 2022 line, we insulated 10 styles with Recycled Down, and we expect that number to grow. Our demand for Recycled Down has already led to increased use of this material. As other apparel companies follow our lead, we expect the amount of down recycling to surge in even more countries. Integrating 100% Recycled Down into our supply chain took a bit of legwork. There was already a market in Europe for Recycled Down and feathers, but it took some time to find partners that were able to meet our high-quality standards. The search paid off when we found a collector and a processor, both family-owned businesses, that share our values for high-quality and uncompromising performance.

For the Spring 2022 season, 7% of our wool materials are made with recycled wool. As a result, we reduce our CO₂e emissions from those fibers by 95% compared to virgin wool; that amounts to more than 56,000 pounds of CO₂e.

What's Next

One of our goals is to increase the amount of recyclable down products. We want to design products that are easier to recycle. It’s difficult to extract down from apparel, but we can modify garment construction to make this process a little simpler. We’re also looking at ways to convince more people to recycle—we’ll teach folks what they can recycle and where. More recyclable down products and more people recycling their items will mean fewer additions to the waste stream.