Patrick Wilson's Ambassador Profile

Al Mackinnon

Patrick Wilson

Surfing Ambassador

  • Hometown: St. Ives, England
  • Resides: St. Ives, England

At an early age, Patch fell in love with the ocean while watching his parents windsurf. In his early teens, he quickly transitioned from a body board to a surfboard. At age 16, his first surf trip to Puerto Escondido, Mexico, really opened his eyes to the waves he wanted to surf. Since then, he’s traveled to over 45 countries surfing and exploring. He currently lives on the West Coast of Ireland right next to his favorite wave, Aileens, which he considers a constantly humbling and learning experience. Patch remains focused on pushing himself on heavier waves around Ireland and Europe and enjoying the ocean and surfing as much as he did when he first started. He loves how much the sport is evolving as he gets older.

Career Highlights
  • Caught his first waves, 1990

  • Found perfect waves in Mexico which kicked him of traveling the world, 1996

  • Appeared on the Cover ofWavelengthmagazine, 2010

  • Appeared on the cover ofCARVE SurfingMagazine, 2010

  • Enjoying surfing and the ocean as much as when he started, 2012