Don’t waste it.Wear it.
With NetPlus, we’re turning one of the most harmful forms of plastic pollution into something you can wear again and again.
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To help reduce plastic pollution, we’re finding new ways to turn previously discarded forms of plastic, like fishing nets, into clothes that can be worn for generations.

How do nets become clothing?

Clean Up

Our partner Bureo collects these otherwise polluting nets from local fishermen along the coast of South America and repurposes them into NetPlus® material, which helps protect wildlife and support local fishing communities with financial incentives.

A new start for old nets. Our partner Bureo works with fishermen in Chile to retrieve discarded fishing nets and recycle them for use in new products we create.


Nets are sorted, cleaned, shredded and prepared for transport.

Discarded nets are sorted, cleaned and shredded then recycled into NetPlus®, a 100% fully traceable postconsumer material.


Prepared nets are recycled and processed into NetPlus® yarn.

Patagonia’s recycled nylon supplier Aquafil. Ljubljana, Slovenia.


This yarn is woven into fabric and used to make the body fabric of our jackets.

Coats Epic EcoVerde 100% recycled premium polyester corespun sewing thread.


What was once destined to be wasted is now something you can use forever. Wear it, love it and pass it on.

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