Léa Brassy's Ambassador Profile

Ben Thouard

Léa Brassy

Surfing Ambassador

  • Hometown: Normandie, France
  • Resides: Biarritz, France

Adventuring in the ocean brings Léa as far afield as the snowy shores of the Arctic and the remote coral reefs of the Pacific Islands. A dedicated waterwoman committed to living her passions fully, she enjoys surfing, bodysurfing, spearfishing and sailing. Léa has adopted a nomadic and minimalist lifestyle. She believes in simplicity as a resource for wellness and sustainability.

Career Highlights
  • Started surfing at age 11 in Normandie

  • Moved to Biarritz for surfing at 16

  • At 19, she took her first solo trip to Morocco

  • Became a qualified nurse at 22

  • Surfed large waves in Guéthary

  • Solo road trip around New Zealand for 5 months

  • Surfing and mountaineering trip with her partner in Northern Norway in 2010. Started simple-voyage.com blog

  • Became a Patagonia surf ambassador in 2011

  • Started spearfishing in Hawaii with Kimi Werner

  • Featured in Catch It

  • Made her first film Being There in 2016 about a surfing and skiing expedition in Iceland she and her partner took

  • Worked as a nurse on a remote island of French Polynesia for 1 year.

    * Lives part time on her 31-foot sailboat in Tahiti