Bill Barker

Bill Barker


  • Hometown: Lake Tabourie, NSW Australia
  • Resides: Lake Tabourie and Mt Hotham Australia. Gulmarg, Kashmir (Jan to March)

Bill grew up in the burbs of Sydney but surfing drew him to the south coast at age 19.  A couple of years later he was drawn to the Aussie Alps for his first taste of winter in the snow, which lead to a life of back-country skiing, ski patrolling and ski guiding.  He now spends the southern winters as the ski patrol director at Mt Hotham, Australia.  During the northern winters he loves nothing more than introducing others to the unique cultural experiences and Himalayan powder of back-country skiing and boarding in Kashmir, and sharing the incredible adventure of skiing with the penguins on the Antarctic Peninsula. When not in the mountains Bill will be found surfing his local breaks or hanging off a rock face somewhere.

Career Highlights
  • Finalist in the first Australasian Extreme Championships 1992 – (never competed before or since)

  • Established and trained the first Gulmarg ski patrol.  Kashmir, India 2005/6

  • Established Bill’s Trips back-country skiing adventures in Kashmir 2009

  • Guides an annual ski expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula

  • Ski Patrol Director, Mt Hotham, Australia

  • Avalanche Forecaster and Awareness Educator

  • Many winters back-country ski bumming across the globe.