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Facing extinction

I strike for
climate action

Marlow Baines
17, Earth Guardians

I fear seeing the places people love in nature disappear, and to lose that would be losing a piece of me.

I decided to become a climate activist when I realized the power of people and what we can accomplish when we work together. We can't look away from the climate crisis anymore. It's in our towns. It's in our cities. It's in our countries. It's in our world. We should all be thinking: What can I do to make this a better place? What can I do to make this a more just and sustainable world?

And to me, that world looks like one where we all have a place. Where all species, not just humans, can live in equilibrium and balance with clean air, clean water, fresh food and open spaces.

I strike because I believe in a more just and sustainable world, and I fight for that every single day.

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