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Facing extinction

I strike for climate action
The climate crisis is a human issue.

As an outdoor clothing company, Patagonia has long fought to protect wild places, wild rivers and wild animals. But we do not exist apart from wild nature.

Our way of living, governing and doing business is overheating the planet and laying waste to the fresh water, clean air and fertile topsoil that everyone needs to survive. One million species could die off by the end of this century. Unless we make some big changes, we might be toast, too.

Facing extinction can be overwhelming. We struggle to make the necessary changes. But, as our founder Yvon Chouinard says, the cure for depression is action.

Today’s generation of climate activists prove it: They’re demanding bold, urgent action and energizing a movement. We stand with them.

We must acknowledge who is most at risk. Many who have done the least to contribute to the climate crisis will suffer its effects most. We stand with them, too.

All of us alive today share a common challenge—this alone can give us hope. It’s not too late. Everyone can do something. Everyone will benefit.

These activists come from the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Australia. Their stories represent what it’s like to grow up in a time of climate crisis.

Strike for Climate Action

Youth activists are striking for the future of our planet. Join them on September 20.

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