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What’s in your Baggies?

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Since 1982, Baggies™ have been the ultimate fun hog shorts

Now Made with Recycled Nylon

Baggies are the original multisport shorts, made for putting on and running wild. But a pair of shorts is only as good as what’s in them—and what’s not. Take a look inside our new Baggies, now made with recycled nylon, which has less impact on the environment. Compared to Baggies™ Shorts made with conventional nylon.

52% Less Water Usage

18% Less Equivalent Carbon Dioxide (CO2e)

92% Less Virgin Nylon

Viva Los Fun Hogs

To celebrate 36 years of Baggies, this print commemorates a 1968 California-to-Argentina van trip taken by Yvon Chouinard and a group of friends. This surfing/climbing "Viva Los Fun Hogs" trip was what inspired Yvon to name his new company Patagonia.

Illustration of a VW style van

On the morning of July 16, 1968, Yvon Chouinard, Doug Tompkins, Lito Tejada-Flores and Dick Dorworth set out from Ventura, California, in a 1965 Ford Econoline van loaded with skis, surfboards and climbing gear.

Illustration of a person surfing

While driving through Central America, they found some good surf spots and moderate swells in Panama.

Illustration of a campsite at night with a tent and campfire

While camping in Guatemala, the group woke up to soldiers bearing automatic weapons.

Illustration of three people hiking with skis

They skied down the Llaima Volcano near Temuco, Chile, but first put their arms in the smoke billowing out of the crater before making the descent.

Illustration of a mountain range with a sun rising behind it

The first time the group set eyes on the entire Fitz Roy massif, they agreed that Fitz Roy was the “undisputed king.” They eventually reached the summit after spending 31 days in snow caves.


If it’s been done, it’s probably been done in a pair of Baggies. Tag your favorite Baggies photos with #WhatsInYourBaggies and celebrate 36 years of fun-hogging with us.

Prints & Colors

From studying the varying colors of granite to admiring the shape of a plumeria blossom, we’ve always been inspired by the colors and patterns found in nature. This season, we looked back at our roots in climbing and surfing and found an abundance of sources
—from the mountains to the sea. Imported.

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