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'Watershed Chats' with the Karioi Project


Episode 11: Kristel van Houte


Kristel Van Houte is a surfer and marine ecologist based in the coastal town of Raglan, on the north island of New Zealand. She started the Karioi Project just over 10 years ago with a vision to restore biodiversity from local mountain to sea.



Until recently the last remnant species of seabird on Karioi, the Grey Faced petrel / Ōi was struggling to breed. Photo: courtesy of Karioi Project.



The Karioi Project does some of the dirtier work of protecting biodiversity: trapping and removing invasive predators that threaten endemic migrating sea birds. Their extensive invasive predator control programme enlists the local community to remove animals not native to New Zealand, who prey on vulnerable sea bird eggs and chicks. In the process, they are creating opportunities for practical conservation, local employment and education.






Watershed Chats are deep dives with experts and those having a go at building and dreaming new ways for a healthy and habitable future on Planet Ocean. 


Watershed moments are traditionally understood as a division or distinction between two phases. They can be turning points that define our shared history. We're asking: where to from here?



Kristel Van Houte is a surfer and marine ecologist based in the coastal town of Raglan. Photo: courtesy of Karioi Project.



The Karioi Project crew. Photo: courtesy of Karioi Project. 



Banner image – Raglan, New Zealand. Photo – Jwan Milek.



Presented by The Waterpeople Podcast in collaboration with Patagonia.

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