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Anchoring for Change

| Morgan Williamson

How Liz Clark’s Tahitian residency opened a new chapter in her activist work.

The Joy of Junky Windslop

| Daniel Duane

Tapping into the beginner’s mind while teaching his daughter to surf.

The Return of a Surf Classic

| Kim McCoy + Willard Newell Bascom

Co-author Kim McCoy recounts discovering the mystery of what lies beneath the waves, where ocean and land meet and compete.

Carving Space for More Black Surfers

| Malik Peay

Building positivity, inspiration and purpose out of a racist encounter in Los Angeles.

A New Surf Culture

| Stephanie Vermillion

This Great Lakes surfer never felt represented in the surf scene, so she created a new surf culture of her own.

On Letting Go

| Morgan Williamson

Ramón Navarro and Kohl Christensen bring Léa Brassy into the jaws of a Chilean monster.

Garbage Bins for the Ocean

| Gabriela Aoun

Seasoned waterman, master woodworker and Patagonia Surf Ambassador Ben Wilkinson channels his skills toward a new environmental calling.

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