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Because we know prioritising durability results in consuming less energy, wasting less water and creating less trash.

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Our Footprint

Donating with Dignity

| Sarah Mirk

The dos and don’ts of donating your used clothes.

Harvesting Liberty: A Film About Growing Hemp

| Dan Malloy & Jill Dumain

Two non-profit groups, Fibershed and The Growing Warriors Project, are working to reintroduce industrial hemp into Kentucky—and eventually U.S. agriculture.

Small Is Still Beautiful

| Rachel G. Clark

Tough and uncertain, organic cotton farming accounts for less than 1 percent of US cotton production. For this family, that’s why it’s a calling.

How We Got Here: Organic Cotton

| Michele Bianchi

The story of our switch to organic cotton starts with a bout of headaches and a trip to the lunar landscape of the San Joaquin Valley’s conventional cotton fields.

It All Adds Up to Nothing: Forging the Micro Puff

| Patagonia

Our best ideas come from being in the field. But sometimes simple problems inspire complex solutions.

Our Quest for Circularity

| Archana Ram

Patagonia’s journey toward zero waste and reduced carbon emissions, failed experiments included.

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