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The Return of a Surf Classic

| Kim McCoy + Willard Newell Bascom

Co-author Kim McCoy recounts discovering the mystery of what lies beneath the waves, where ocean and land meet and compete.

The Ancient Tree Hunter

| Jayme Moye

As the old-growth logging crisis heats up in Canada, a photographer goes searching for trees to save them.

Did You Ever Think?

| Kim Strom

After a difficult year, a runner finds life anew in the Sierra.

Sew-cial Distancing

| Patagonia

Making face masks in the time of COVID-19: when “breathable face fabric” takes on a whole new meaning.

One Big Lie

| Richard Flanagan

An excerpt from ‘Toxic’, Richard Flanagan’s stunning exposé of the Tasmanian salmon industry.

Harvesting Liberty: A Film About Growing Hemp

| Dan Malloy & Jill Dumain

Two non-profit groups, Fibershed and The Growing Warriors Project, are working to reintroduce industrial hemp into Kentucky—and eventually U.S. agriculture.

Biirrinba is Life

| Alistair Klinkenberg

Childhood friends, Hayley Talbot and Dan Ross, are determined to save a mighty river.

Carving Space for More Black Surfers

| Malik Peay

Building positivity, inspiration and purpose out of a racist encounter in Los Angeles.

Small Is Still Beautiful

| Rachel G. Clark

Tough and uncertain, organic cotton farming accounts for less than 1 percent of US cotton production. For this family, that’s why it’s a calling.

How We Got Here: Organic Cotton

| Michele Bianchi

The story of our switch to organic cotton starts with a bout of headaches and a trip to the lunar landscape of the San Joaquin Valley’s conventional cotton fields.

Planting Beans in the Apocalypse

| Alejandra Oliva

Finding ways to grow and sow hope in a small apartment in Chicago.

Jerry’s Wisdom

| Caroline Gleich

Caroline Gleich grapples with the fears that come with an aging parent and the pressure she feels to have a child before her dad is gone.

A New Surf Culture

| Stephanie Vermillion

This Great Lakes surfer never felt represented in the surf scene, so she created a new surf culture of her own.

Four Fifths a Grizzly

| Doug Chadwick

A book excerpt about how the microbes within us and the genes we share with other wild creatures are key dimensions of being human.

Mummy, Where Do Clothes Come From?

| Allison Gibson

Nearly every Wednesday, Courtney Reynolds can be found elbow-deep in a bin of someone else’s castoffs, searching for scraps of fabric and colourful quilts to

Her Stride

| Molly Baker

Natasha Woodworth, the designer behind Patagonia’s new backcountry ski touring kits, approaches skiing and technical design with the same understated competence.

How We Turn Scraps into New Gear

| Patagonia

What if we could wear our garbage? That’s the idea behind ReCrafted.

Tigers Change Their Stripes in the Tarkine

| Beau Miles

Beau Miles isn’t really one for running with others, activism, or taking more than two showers a week

The Nautical Farmers

| Erin Grace Scottberg

One young couple’s unexpected career path of farming sea vegetables drew them back to their roots and brought a promising climate-change solution to their coastal hometown.

The Lure of the Unclimbed

| Anne Gilbert Chase & Jason Thompson

Reflecting on risk and partnership in Pakistan.

Fire Sheep

| Esha Chhabra

Sheep (and their poop) could help climate-driven wildfires. One couple is ushering in this idea with a small flock and some supportive fire departments.

The Story of Fleece


A tale of tinkering.

Green Reconstruction

| Tetsunari Iida

Ten years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japanese communities are turning toward citizen-led renewable power.

A Letter from 2030

| Yessenia Funes

The next nine years will be a time of resilience, rebuilding and reinvention.


| Dave Quinn

Coal built this ski town. Can the locals keep skiing without it?

On Letting Go

| Morgan Williamson

Ramón Navarro and Kohl Christensen bring Léa Brassy into the jaws of a Chilean monster.

It All Adds Up to Nothing: Forging the Micro Puff

| Patagonia

Our best ideas come from being in the field. But sometimes simple problems inspire complex solutions.

We the Power

| Patagonia

The future of energy is community-owned.

Garbage Bins for the Ocean

| Gabriela Aoun

Seasoned waterman, master woodworker and Patagonia Surf Ambassador Ben Wilkinson channels his skills toward a new environmental calling.

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