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Lessons from Uncle Addy

| Heath Joske

The Bight-based farmer calls upon a wizard of the earthly realm.

Way Out West

| Ula Majewski

Extreme beach cleans on the wild south-west coast of Tasmania.

Listen to 'Watershed Chats' w/ Belinda Baggs

| Patagonia

The iconic waterwoman reflects on taking action on what she sees as the greatest threat to her son's health and wellbeing: climate change.

Tigers Change Their Stripes in the Tarkine

| Beau Miles

Beau Miles isn’t really one for running with others, activism, or taking more than two showers a week

Run To
Salvar una Cuenca

| Patagonia

Trail runner and activist Felipe Cancino takes us on a 120km run through Chile’s Maipo River Valley.

Watch 'Karioi' Film

| Patagonia

Follow a group of passionate surfers and environmentalists in Raglan, New Zealand, as they work to save the Oi.

The Return of a Surf Classic

| Kim McCoy + Willard Newell Bascom

Co-author Kim McCoy recounts discovering the mystery of what lies beneath the waves, where ocean and land meet and compete.

One Big Lie

| Richard Flanagan

An excerpt from ‘Toxic’, Richard Flanagan’s stunning exposé of the Tasmanian salmon industry.

Watch 'Remothering the Land'

| Patagonia

Regenerative practices and knowledge come from Indigenous and Black farmers, and support healthy soil, animals and people.

Fire Sheep

| Esha Chhabra

Sheep (and their poop) could help climate-driven wildfires. One couple is ushering in this idea with a small flock and some supportive fire departments.

Green Reconstruction

| Tetsunari Iida

Ten years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japanese communities are turning toward citizen-led renewable power.

We the Power

| Patagonia

The future of energy is community-owned.

Garbage Bins for the Ocean

| Gabriela Aoun

Seasoned waterman, master woodworker and Patagonia Surf Ambassador Ben Wilkinson channels his skills toward a new environmental calling.

The Southward Stampede Pt.1

| Jock Serong

Marine life is on the move as the oceans around Australia warm. We take a deep dive into how this is impacting the Great Southern Reef.

Bright Sparks of Yackandandah

| Jock Serong

The Victorian country town that set up its own solar energy grid.

The Ghost Trees of Santa Isabel

| Belinda Baggs

Out on the fringes of the Western Pacific, the seas encroach.

If You Love It, Run for It: Dispatch from the Inaugural takayna Ultramarathon

| Krissy Moehl

“Exploring varying landscapes generates an energy and connection…that provides the ‘why’ to life for me.” “…these unbalanced running steps through lumping button grass were pounding a connection with the Tarkine into my cells.” “This event and the wild of Tassie tore in to my heart, embedded in my soul…”

Wear and Tear

| Paul West

From shelf to soil and everything in-between – the unexpected lifecycle of Paul West’s tees.

Cooked with Gas

| Sean Doherty

Australia is going down a dead end with its “gas-led recovery”.

Why We Sit in Trees

| Robert Moor

Roping up for a global protest – The Great Canopy Campout, October 17.

The Southward Stampede Pt.2

| Jock Serong

Marine life is on the move as the oceans around Australia warm. To find out more, we track the yellowtail kings of Tasmania.

Transplanting Traditions

| Jonnah Perkins

A small-scale farmer takes a regenerative approach to keeping his community fed.

Our Quest for Circularity

| Archana Ram

Patagonia’s journey toward zero waste and reduced carbon emissions, failed experiments included.

Ground Control

| Elle Murrell

Snowboarder Alex Yoder takes a Regenerative Organic approach to his new coffee business by thinking like an astronaut.


Vjosa Forever

| Patagonia

People are rising up to protect Europe’s largest wild river – the Vjosa.


| Meaghen Brown

85% of Patagonia’s polyester this season is recycled. Using recycled polyester, rather than virgin petroleum polyester, reduced our seasonal carbon emissions by over 5,600 metric tons of CO₂e.

United to Save Yaroomba

| Belinda Baggs

Former local Belinda Bags links up with surfers and campaigners looking to halt a high-rise development and protect endangered turtle hatching grounds.

'Watershed Chats' with the Karioi Project

| Patagonia

Kristel Van Houte is a surfer and marine ecologist based in the coastal town of Raglan, on the north island of New Zealand. She started the Karioi Project just over 10 years ago.

Connecting the Dots

| Doug Chadwick

If we continue trying to save the world one species at a time we will fail; it is time to redefine our relationship with nature so that we save all of nature.

Activists Want Fashion to Change

| Archana Ram

Climate and social justice activists are pushing the clothing industry to take better care of people and the planet.

One Year Since Australia’s Black Summer

| Sean Doherty

Photographer Paolo Pellegrin captured the aftermath of the wildfires that burned through Australia in 2019.

Trust The Scientists

| Mădălina Preda

Why we rely on lab tests and data more than ever to make decisions about our products.

Net Positive

| Adam Skolnick

How discarded plastic fishing nets found their way into our hat brims.

Can We Stop Greenwashing?

| Elizabeth L. Cline

What was once a nuisance – overselling environmental gains – now conceals the apparel industry’s role in the climate crisis.

Quality Is an Environmental Issue

| Patagonia

Patagonia’s quality rating system is designed with ecological footprint in mind. Here’s why.

Haunted by Unwanted Clothes

| Sarah Mirk

With the rest of the world spiralling into chaos, organising my closet suddenly became a soothing Saturday night activity. It felt good to sort through

Backyard Adventures
Little Wild Places

| Greg Russell

As a teenager hungry for Big Adventure, I had failed to see the wildness present in my own backyard.

Why Should the Public Care About Public Lands?

| Hans Cole

Debates over how America’s public lands should be managed are as old as the system itself...

The Great Forest Case

| Jenny Weber

A new legal challenge could be the best chance in a generation to end native forest logging in Australia.

Biirrinba Carries Life

| Hayley Talbot

The Clarence River flows through the hearts of all those who live along its banks. One afternoon, after a long hiatus of contact, help was humbly sought and lovingly given.

Watch 'Public Trust'

| Patagonia

'Watershed Chats' with the Slabb Brothers

| Patagonia

Josh and Kyle Slabb are Bundjalung men who live, fish, surf and raise their families near the fabled sand bottom point break of Fingal Head on the east coast of Australia – where their ancestors have thrived for tens of thousands of years. 

Lessons in Activism from the Bight

| Jock Serong

The Fight for the Bight had a clear win over Equinor. It’s vital that we steer clear of complacency and devote extra effort to looking at why we won?

Watch 'Unfenced'

| Patagonia

A race to keep the Red Desert wild. The Red Desert in southwest Wyoming is the largest unfenced area in the continental United States. But pressure

'Karioi' Online Premiere with Dave Rastovich

| Patagonia

Join a group of dedicated Raglan locals as they set out to restore a seabird mountain near the surf town.

The Environmental Irony of Surfing

| Morgan Williamson

Dave Rastovich and Greg Long log in and discuss the current state of surfing, its cultural and ecological impacts, and where it’s headed.

Down from the Mountains

| Josefine Ås

A French ski patroller’s move to become a permaculture farmer. “There’s no doubt. I have become a man who lives at the foot of La Meije’s north face, by the Romanche River where my vegetables now grow.” This is Jean Charles Bonsignore’s pepeha,

2025 Or Bust: Patagonia’s Carbon Neutrality Goal

| Rodrigo Bustamante

To become carbon neutral by 2025, we need to reduce and eliminate these emissions, and getting there requires multiple strategies.

'Watershed Chats' with Dave Rastovich + Lauren Hill

| Patagonia

Exploring everyday Earth repair with freesurfer Heath Joske. Between riding some of Australia’s most revered and underground waves and raising a young family, Heath is employing the principles of regenerative organic agriculture to bring balance back to his local, coastal ecology.

Watch 'Big Gums'

| Beau Miles

This is the story of a man, which is really a story of a unique gumtree, colluding on a backyard adventure.

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