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Taro Tamai


Tokyo, Japan


Niseko, Japan

As an avid snowboarder and surfer, Taro believes the wave and the snow are similar elements – each a contact point between human and earth. A pioneering member of the Alaskan steeps as well as an explorer of Mexico’s secret surf breaks, Taro lives in Niseko, Hokkaido, where he pursues the essence of board culture through photographs, videos, texts and his board designs.

Career Highlights

  • Launched Moss Snowboards TT Model
  • Awarded the title All Japan Champion
  • Participated in the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour and the World Extreme Snowboard Championship
  • Traveled throughout the world including numerous trips to Valdez, Alaska as one of the pioneers of steep Alaskan descents
  • Directed and produced the film, AURA Deep Powder Experience
  • Founded Gentemstick, a production and design company in 1998
  • Co-producer of the film, Public Sentiment
  • Photo exhibition of his work entitled Sono Toki Soko Basho Ni Irukot (To Be Where I’m Supposed To Be When I’m Supposed To Be.)
  • Published the photobook, The First Track
  • Directed and filmed the movie, The Spring Session – Modern Snowsurf Experience

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