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Reinhold Messner called Steve House “the best high-altitude climber in the world today.” But for Steve, climbing is about process, not achievement. He says, “The moment your mind wanders from the climbing at hand will be the moment you fall.” Steve has earned Messner’s praise by leading the charge to climb bigger routes, from the Himalaya's to the Canadian Rockies, faster and with less equipment than anyone before.

Career Highlights

  • First ascent of First Born on Denali’s Father and Sons Wall, Alaska
    Solo of Beauty is a Rare Thing, Washburn Wall, Denali, Alaska
  • First ascent of Mascioli’s Pillar, South Buttress of Denali, Alaska
  • First ascent of Call of the Wild on King Peak, Canada
  • First winter ascent of M-16, East Face of Howse Peak
    60-hour ascent of the Slovak Direct route, Denali, Alaska
  • First ascent of Sans Blitz, Mt. Fay, Alaska
  • Solo first ascent of 20,000-foot Hajji Brakk, Pakistan
  • Ascent of the North Face of North Twin via a new variation, Canada
    Solo first ascent on the Southwest Face of K7, Karakorum, Pakistan
  • Ascent of the Central Pillar of the Rupal Face, Nanga Parbat, Pakistan
  • First ascent of the House-Haley, Emperor Face of Mount Robson, Canada
  • First ascent of K7 West, Pakistan
  • First ascent of the Anderson-House on the North Face of Mount Alberta, Canada

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