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Kyle Thiermann


Santa Cruz, CA


Santa Cruz, CA

As creator and host of the YouTube series, Surfing for Change, Kyle combines surfing imagery and current global issues to highlight the power of individuals in creating a better world through everyday decisions. Kyle speaks at Universities across the country and has been featured in Outside Magazine, Surfer Magazine and on the Discovery Channel. Kyle lives in Santa Cruz where he recently built a backyard half-pipe.

Career Highlights

  • Graduated from Gaia University with a Bachelors of Science in Green Business
  • Recipient of the Blue Vision Youth Award, the Brower Youth Award and the Surfrider Environmental Achievement Award
  • Featured in Outside Magazine, Surfer Magazine and on the Discovery Channel
  • Proud member of the Santa Cruz Table Tennis Club
  • In its first year, Surfing for Change tracked over $110 million of lending power moving out of centralized banks and into local communities

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