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Gavin McClurg


Ketchum, Idaho


Ketchum, Idaho

Gavin grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains and first began skiing at 18 months, before he could even really talk. From big mountain skiing to kayaking first descents across Central America to sailing around the world (twice!), Gavin says adventure is the itch that can never be scratched. These days paragliding and speed flying are where Gavin finds solace, using thermals to cross the biggest mountain ranges in the world.

Career Highlights

  • 2015 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year
  • Author, speaker and regular magazine contributor
  • Featured in Red Bull’s The Rockies Traverse, TGR’s LOCALS and over two dozen other films
  • Operates a net-zero carbon offshore sailing/kitesurfing expedition
  • The first American to reach goal in the history of the “Toughest Adventure Race on Earth,” the Red Bull X-Alps
  • Several first descents (kayaking) in Central America (class V+ - VI)

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