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Andy J. Danylchuk, PhD


Toronto, Canada (eh!)


Amherst, MA

A professor of fish conservation, Andy is on a personal crusade to ensure that fish are around for future generations to enjoy. He merges his passion as an angler with his experience as scientist to tackle conservation issues related to recreationally targeted fish species around the globe. Much of Andy’s work focuses on the development and implementation of guidelines for catch-and-release fishing, including getting scientifically validated best practices into the hands of anglers.

Career Highlights

  • Taught himself to fly fish; the first fish he ever caught on a fly was a bonefish on a shrimp pattern he tied himself
  • Earned his Master’s in Watershed Ecosystems Management, and PhD in Environmental Biology and Ecology with a focus on fish (naturally)
  • Given the Excellence in Public Outreach Award from the American Fisheries Society (2017)
  • Received the Distinguished Teaching Award at UMass Amherst (2014)
  • Scientific Advisor to KeepEmWet Fishing
  • Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Research Fellow
  • Board of Directors, Indifly Foundation
  • Board Member, Fundación Truchas Patagonia
  • Host & Scientific Advisor, Fish Navy Films
  • International Advisory Committee, World Recreational Fishing Conference

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